Team Profile


BAT-ERDENE Boldbaatar /Founder & Managing Partner/ Bat-Erdene Boldbaatar is Founder and Managing Partner of Horizon Partners. He has been educated in Poland, the US, Switzerland and Mongolia. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and has over 8 years of experience in Investment and Financial Sectors of Mongolia. Prior to establishing Horizon Partners, Bat-Erdene worked at Mongolia Opportunities Partners – the first-ever Mongolia-dedicated private equity fund with IFC, EBRD, DEG, FMO, Mitsubishi Corp as its investors. He was also a team member of Frontier Securities — Mongolia’s first Investment Bank with international profile and global outreach.

RENTSENDORJ Yondon /Co-Founder & Partner/ Rentsendorj Yondon is Co-Founder and Partner of Horizon Partners. He has eight years of professional work experience in the local financial and investment industry. His responsibility at Horizon lies primarily on financial and investment analysis, modeling, and valuation of the businesses of clients including new projects and existing companies, and fund raising for them. He also oversees financial aspects of Horizon. Prior to co-establishing Horizon, he has worked as an Investment Associate at Mongolia Opportunities Partners – the first Mongolia dedicated private equity fund established in Mongolia. Prior to that, he worked as an associate and analyst for two of the first fully foreign invested investment banks in Mongolia – Eurasia Capital and Frontier Securities. Rentsendorj is one of the first Mongolians who hold the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and founder of Mongolian Society of Chartered Financial Analysts. Rentsendorj holds BSc in Economics from the National University of Mongolia.

BAATARZAYA Boldbaatar /Partner/ Baatarzaya Boldbaatar is a highly-experienced marketing and strategy development professional who has previously led the marketing department of one of Mongolia’s largest corporations — Mobicom (largest mobile phone operator). He also was a board member of Newcom Group (one of largest conglomerates with businesses in telecommunication, airlines, property, energy, mining services, and health), and currently acts as a Chairman of Proliance LLC, an official distributor of General Electric’s medical equipment in Mongolia. Baatarzaya has a strong track record of managing businesses in Mongolia, and a rich overseas marketing background. He has completed high school in Tokyo, Japan and graduated from Oklahoma State University and University of Alabama with bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing.